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The 14th & 15th; So much boring admin.

The 14th & 15th; So much boring admin.


The 14th of May.  Well I have certainly had more interesting days. 

The beginning went as planned - Shaki brought the kittens back and showed us how to give them their colon medicine before we allowed them to roam free again. After that, it hasn't been so good. 

Daddy and I had planned on seeing X-Men today, but it isn't actually out yet, whoops. Nothing else we want to see so no cinema trip today. 

When checking my emails, I had two from separate sources saying my email address and password had been posted online. Unfortunately, for once this actually seemed legit, so I have had to spend most of my day going through all the accounts I use that email address with and changing all the password because I don't know what's been leaked and I can't be too careful. Coming up with loads of new, relatively complex passwords a) takes a long time and b) is really difficult!

I did have to take a break while watching the qualifying with Daddy because I had kittens lying on one of my arms, and when I wrote up the two blog posts that needed doing. So much boring admin, argh. 

Eurovision tonight though! Hopefully that will be some light relief. 

The 15th of May. 

So tired. Bloody Eurovision, going on so long. It was so tense! And who would have expected Poland to jump so far up the table? I felt bad for our chaps. I didn't think they deserved to finish in such a poor position. 

Anywho. This morning Mommy and I had to wrestle with the kittens to get the medicine in their mouths. There is no way I can do that by myself. Thankfully it only has to be done once, maybe twice more. 

After lunch, I went to let the kittens run around. I planned on watching Netflix, but the Chromecast was neglecting to appear, so I ended up with a mishmash of the Grand Prix, Britain's Got Talent and Pocahontas. Freya didn't fancy running around, she mainly slept on my lap, and after Freddie had worn himself out chasing his tail and howling the place down, he and Frieda settled down with me too. 

We had a very relaxed time - I could have quite happily fallen asleep had I the ability. But that couldn't last forever, and Freddie started getting bitey, so I removed them from my lap and am going to finish off crocheting Charlie the cat's head. 

The 16th & 17th; She is the best woman.

The 16th & 17th; She is the best woman.

The 12th & 13th; I am in need of vegetables.

The 12th & 13th; I am in need of vegetables.