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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 2nd & 3rd; I felt as happy as a corgi.

The 2nd & 3rd; I felt as happy as a corgi.


The 2nd of May.  I feel so perky. I love sunshine. I have heard news that the weather will get much warmer toward the end of the week which will be most delightful if true. 

I had a better sleep last night which was a relief, and spent this morning writing up a blog post and filling in my postal votes. Need to get them sent off so they're in before the 5th. 

After lunch, I went to the gym. I am almost definitely getting new kittens tomorrow (three or even four, erk!) so I won't be able to go for a few days while I'm trying to gain their trust. Considering it's a bank holiday, it wasn't as busy as I expected when I arrived, although it did fill up as time went on. I had to skip two things because the equipment wasn't available, but I made do. Happy Clappy Chap turned up early and lurked behind me for a while, and the woman who gives me a headache with her body spray did it again. 

When I was finished and waiting for my lift, a woman came up to me and said she recognised me from my blog (hi!) and then we had a chat about crocheting and the gym, and I felt as happy as a corgi. If you're a fan and you see me in public, do come and say hello! You'll make my day. 

The 3rd of May. 

Kittens not here yet. But on their way after six. 

The day has been spent waiting for said kittens, to be perfectly honest. I didn't know what time Shaki was going to arrive until she texted me just before one, so this morning we got the room ready. Adjustments will have to be made because they need to stay in a (large) dog cage until they are reacquainted with the litter tray. There are three of them; a boy and two girls, called Freddie, Frieda and Freya. Shaki was taking them to the vet for 4.10, then bringing them here, but the vet was really late and she's had to meet someone at her house at 6 so she's coming here after that's done. 

I said I would crochet a version of Charlie, one of Shaki's cats, so this afternoon I've been working on that until my hand hurt while catching up on tv from last night. The beginning of Masterchef was particularly upsetting - I don't know anyone who wants to squeeze warm prawn brain all over their dinner of sea urchin gonads. I was delighted about who was sent home though. 

I also booked my train tickets to and from London on the 1st of June for more Anthony Nolan stuff. Looking for lovely people to have lunch with so hit me up. 

Freya in front, Frieda behind.


The 4th & 5th; Three sleepy kittens on my lap.

The 4th & 5th; Three sleepy kittens on my lap.

The 30th & 1st; Productive.

The 30th & 1st; Productive.