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The 5th & 6th; A really excellent day!

The 5th & 6th; A really excellent day!


The 5th of August.  A really excellent day!

First thing, well, after breakfast, we had a visit from grey Oscar, the softest kitty in the world, and he stayed for ages! He doesn't stay still so I was trying to take photos and just hoping they were decent. He even came in the house! In and out several times. He is so cute and fluffy!

After fun kitty times, I had appointments at the hygienist and dentist, where I was once again promoting my wheelchair. I should get commission on those sales. People come up to me all the time about it. I was woken extolling the virtues of OraNurse toothpaste as well, so they can recommend it to other people who can't tolerate mint now. My teeth and gums are still excellent so well done me. 

I was there until twelve, so we got home, had lunch, coffee (using a shorter extraction time than usual and whole milk and it was so much better), then Mommy took me to the gym. I only did upper body work because of the stitches, and there wasn't much entertainment today. The sweaty boy was there, and there was a chap explaining how to do a handstand by saying "You've got to get quite vertical."

I got a letter about booking my cervical screening today. I am thinking I'm going to ask if I can have it done while I'm under GA having my hysteroscopy because last time Dr. Robinson tried to examine me, it was excruciating. Stupid tiny cervix. 

I hope I don't dream about Becky's wedding again tonight, as I have for the past three. 

Bake Off tonight!

The 6th of August. 

I had nothing to get up for this morning so I had Zopiclone last night but unfortunately, it didn't work, and when that happens, it makes me sleepy all day. 

I had no plans to go anywhere, so I decided I was going to crochet a dinosaur that I've had my eye on for a while. I worked on that until lunchtime, then early this afternoon, my #IGiveASpit t-shirt came and I immediately started trying to think of how to customise it. 

I couldn't decide what to do, but we hadn't got any fabric paint/pens so we went to Hobbycraft and I hoped inspiration would strike. I got some pens because I thought they'd be less messy. 

Once home, I got a tray and some cardboard to separate the front and back so the ink didn't leak through. I didn't want my drawing to be really cheesy, so I thought I'd do some birds, to symbolise freedom, new life, the ability to fly. Now it needs to dry. I think for 24 hours, so I might be able to wear it at the gym tomorrow. 

On, and I did more winning at kitties yesterday because I took some cake over the road and war honoured to have TJ sit on me, which he never does with people outside the family!

The 7th & 8th; Fly high, pretty bird.

The 3rd & 4th; I am officially without plumbing!

The 3rd & 4th; I am officially without plumbing!