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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 14th & 15th; Trying not to be too enraged.

The 14th & 15th; Trying not to be too enraged.


The 14th of July. Barely been in the house today! I got up at about quarter past nine, got dressed and had breakfast and coffee before we went into town. Becky had asked me to look at wedding hairbands on the Debenhams website, but it was impossible to choose without seeing how they looked on me, so we went to the shop and I tried nearly all of them on. I took pictures of the ones I liked and I've sent them to Becky so she can choose one to go with everyone else's hair clips/twists/whatever. Then Mommy went to M&S and House of Fraser to return a jacket and two dresses, and I went to find some lunch, then sat by the car and ate it while I waited for her. 

She took me straight to Black Sheep to have my hair coloured - pinky white all over with a deep pink fringe. I had taken James some lemon drizzle cake because it's his favourite, and bless him, he needed it because he had an abcess so wasn't feeling super-great. I'm going back the day before the wedding to get it re-toned. 

After picking me up, we went to get some food for tea and mini toiletries for holiday. I can't wait to go to Falmouth on Saturday. 

The 15th of July.

In contrast to yesterday, today I have barely been out of the house! I was at the chiro this morning for a bit more work on my neck - my back actually seemed okay today. Then I got dropped off at home and Mommy took the car to the garage to fix the new reason for the problem they were supposed to have sorted,

Since she came back, we've basically been watching things on the TiVo box all day to try and make some space on it before we go away! Mommy also went out to Grandma's, so I watched things that she doesn't like, such as Humans. 

Shortly after she came back, she had a text from the garage saying the car was done, so she went to get it. When she returned, I was in the bathroom and all I could hear was swearing, so I willed myself to pee faster so I could find out what was the matter. It emerged that on the way home, the same problem has happened again, so she was back on the phone to them (not swearing) and the car's going back in tomorrow. And I suspect we'll be wanting the money back that we've paid them so far! Trying not to be too enraged. 

The 16th & 17th; Mundane, trivial shit.

The 16th & 17th; Mundane, trivial shit.

The 12th & 13th; Not the day I had planned!