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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 18th & 19th; Bizarre but brilliant day.

The 18th & 19th; Bizarre but brilliant day.


The 18th of June. Another totally insane day in my life. This morning was nothing of note, really - I think my leg might have returned to normal but it'll indicate while I'm in the chair all day, and my voice is nearly back too.Nobody has looked at me with concern when I've spoken. Hooray!

Mommy drove to the station where we were going to meet Daddy after having picked up the tickets. We were really early so then to kill time, we bimbled to the Bullring and back, having not found a birthday card for Aunty Audrey. On the way back, we bumped into Carol! So had a lovely (albeit brief) chat and we'll hopefully see her next Friday.

We met Daddy in the mobility place, which was unusually busy, and Mommy went to get the train home so Daddy and I could drive home later. Our train was delayed and changed platforms, which makes me the most stressed person in the world, so I was getting increasingly irate. This was not helped by the couple stood directly in front of me who would not stop getting off with each other, hugging and stroking each other. NOT IN PUBLIC. Thanks.

When we finally left, the journey was fine, and as soon as we were off the train, Daddy power-walked us to the BBC. We got our tickets scanned and stickered outside the radio theatre, then we had time to waste before the show. We went and had food in the Caffè Nero opposite The One Show, so I ate my ham and cheese croissant while spotting people from the news (Huw Edwards and Lizo Mzimba, amongst others). At about half six, we went back to the theatre as I was waiting to hear from Sara about when I might see her, but then she tweeted me to say she was not poorly,but she'd emailed the producer and hoped everything was great. Bless her. I hope she feels better.

A handy thing about the wheelchair is that I get taken places first, so I got to sit on the front row. While waiting for it to begin, I got talking to the chap behind me who turned out to be one of the writers! Then Sandi came out and asked to be reminded of a name, which came out over the speakers and it was me! I raised my hand and she came over and gave me a brownie made by Susan Rae and we had a photo and I was so happy. Sandi!

Every one came out and they did the show (totally excellent, must listen), and after, while I waited for Daddy to get my chair, I had a chat with Susan about brownies, and the producer gave me the signed front page of Sandi's script! Framing that.

Then Jo Whiley was on our train home! Just bizarre but brilliant day.

The 19th of June. 

Very big sleep. I set my alarm for 10am but then gave myself another half an hour because I could. So tired. When I finally got downstairs, just after eleven, I wrote about yesterday, and Kate came to flush my line. She commented on how I actually have a jawline and cheekbones now - she hasn't seen me for at least three weeks. It's odd, people saying how different I look, when actually, this is what my face is supposed to be.

This afternoon, I've just been watching TV and being very sleepy. Curled up in my chair a lot. My leg had inflated from me being sat in the wheelchair all day so it's been up on a stool. 

I had a text from Becky saying bridesmaid dresses are due in the next ten days (fingers crossed)! Hoping her dress comes with them.

Must remember to do Daddy's card and presents tomorrow before we go back to London.

The 20th & 21st; I miss having everywhere.

The 20th & 21st; I miss having everywhere.

The 16th & 17th; Less than a day left on the antibiotics.