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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

There is light in the darkest of places.

Days like this are really great. As in, the reason I stay I alive great. When the doctors told me in October '13 that I needed another liver transplant, then that I couldn't have one, I couldn't see myself getting past the next six weeks, forget next few years. But I'm somehow still here, and I could never have imagined some of the things that have happened. Being in the news all over the world, meeting some of my favourite comedians, even now having the honour to call some of them my friends. Today I've been at the agency Heidi works at in Bristol because they were presenting a cheque to Anthony Nolan for over Β£4500, a charity they chose because of me, and it feels so incredible to know that so many donors will be registered and possibly lives saved in my name. I may not have a voice right now, but my message is still being heard. No doubt I will continue to have difficult times, because frankly my situation is totally shit and that isn't going to change, but when I do, I remember that there is light in the darkest of places, and I have candles everywhere. 

The 25th & 26th; I feel so awful.

The 23rd & 24th; Anything can make me a little bit sad.

The 23rd & 24th; Anything can make me a little bit sad.