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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 27th & 28th; I need to be deflated.

The 27th & 28th; I need to be deflated.


The 27th of January.  Oh I'm not sure what to say about today. I did not have fun dreams and tossed and turned for a few hours this morning before my alarm went off. 

My morning was a blog post and making the leg of the cat I started yesterday. I had an appointment with James at Bad Apple to get my hair dyed because I haven't had it done for ages. We decided on sort of candy cane stripes in pink, amethyst, green and mauve. While he was painting, he kept making little excited noises which was very frustrating because it was all a blur to me! I am so blind. Yasmin rinsed it out and dried it and everyone is a big fan. Michaela even happened to be in for a meeting so I quickly showed her before Mommy picked me up and I got to finally have lunch at three o' clock. The wool I needed to finish the bunny arrived while I was out, so since lunch I have read heat and made two of the bunny's legs. 

My arm is squidgy tonight so I'm glad to be seeing Igor in the morning. 

The 28th of January. 

Well I hoped today we'd make a plan about my line but we only sort of have one. Obviously I was at clinic this morning where I saw Ram. Apparently they've requested a venoplasty but as an outpatient so who knows where that is in the system? Ram did try to call Andrew Willis but he wasn't available. Presumably inflating someone's veins. Igor has put me in for a lung angiogram as well? Good to know. So we left it with Ram to follow up but I don't know what he'll have done. I really need this fixing. 

After picking up my vast prescription from pharmacy, we went into town so I could put my Christmas and birthday cheques from Taid in the bank, get some moisturiser and my Christmas and birthday charms from Pandora - I got the infinity and family ones. 

This afternoon I have finished my first creature from Edward's Menagerie, Emma the Bunny. I have spent the remaining time working on a polar bear for Sadie. He has a head so far. 

I hope I get a phone call tomorrow. I need to be deflated. 

The 29th & 30th; Finally! Things have happened.

The 29th & 30th; Finally! Things have happened.

The 25th & 26th; I don't want anyone to think this is my normal appearance at all.