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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 26th & 27th; Ooh today I have felt rough.

The 26th of December. 

Ooh today I have felt rough. Not necessarily hungover because I didn't get drunk yesterday, but I think the lower dose of amlodipine we've been trying has still affected my levels of fluid retention and breathing. I had serious difficulty this evening when trying to make a toasted sandwich and it was really scary. I just didn't have any time or space to rest so I got stuck in the kitchen, leaning on the worktop, breathing so heavily that I couldn't call for help. Eventually I was able to, and I needed it then for the rest of the evening. 

Most of my concentration today has gone on finishing The Rabbit Back Literature Society. I really enjoyed it, all the way through, up until the end where I feel like the author just copped out and did not provide me with a proper ending. I don't like being left to essentially decide for myself what happened. 

Grandma came round for lunch again but didn't stay quite as long because we didn't want to risk her slipping and falling in the snow. It did come, just not as much as Christine felt she was promised. 

I am exhausted and trying to decide whether to use chemical assistance to make sure I get a decent night. Being able to breathe is important so I think lorazepam is out of the question - Zopiclone or bust. 

The 27th of December. 

I feel better than I did last night - I had a Zopiclone which did help with my sleep - I didn't wake up until Mommy came to check on me at half nine!

So I watched Saturday Kitchen etc - my Saturday mornings are unchanged. I think between the amlodipine affecting my breathing and the fire, I could be developing a chest virus or I don't know. Stupid lungs. 

Daddy and Christine decided to go and see Interstellar for some reason despite all my warnings against it this afternoon, and Ang and Rach came over! Hamilton decided to run around so he provided entertainment, and we talked about life past and present. School, pigeon park, gluten intolerances, chopping wood, Selfridges, mad sale shoppers. 

They left at about seven, when (but not because of the fact that) Christine and Daddy got back. We had leftovers of Christmas dinner and now we're watching last night's Big Fat Quiz!




The 28th & 29th; I think I may have to stop eating all of the things.

The 22nd & 23rd; Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

The 22nd & 23rd; Merry Christmas Eve Eve!