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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 10th & 11th; Such a splendid weekend, I am loathe to have not been able to escape normal life for longer.

The 10th of August.
Oh, what a delightful day. I am writing this in the guest room of casa del Heidi, which is a converted loft and it's just adorable.
Mommy and I set off at midday, arriving twenty minutes later than I planned which felt awfully stressful at the time and my my phone couldn't find us and I was convinced we were just lost. It was all okay in the end though (evidently). We found her house (after getting her to come out and wave) and were greeted by Henry, the very friendly big dog. He is gorgeous.
I gave Emma the book and some nail varnishes which she appeared happy with - I gave her Feeling Sorry for Celia by Jaclyn Moriarty, which was one of my favourites when I was her age. I could re-read it now and still love it.

We had warm beverages and ginger biscuits which were scrummy, then the four ladies went for afternoon tea at Lucknam Park while Pip stayed behind and did something with Screwfix tools. Emma and I went into the hotel and got sat down while Mommy and Heidi parked. It is very difficult to act polite and posh with people when you look like you've been partaking in some very thuggish behaviour. The bruising is still spreading down my face, and now it looks like I have some really odd, dark dimples.

We had two afternoon teas and an extra cream tea between us (for extra scones) which we quite successfully demolished, only taking a few cakes and one scone away in a box. The waiter took a photo of the four of us, cutting my face neatly in half with the cake stand. I had a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich and half of one that I think contained tomato, wargh. Then I had two scones and a carrot cake, then we startin to get rather full and have been burping ever since. I have eaten many deflatine, and I do seem to have stopped burping in time to go to sleep.

Tonight we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark which I've never seen before. It is essentially a long string of convenient coincidences, and the main Nazi reminded me of the torturer who got killed in the first episode of this series of Utopia. Then it was the final of Child Genius which Heidi hasn't seen, but by the end was vastly emotionally invested in and by the end, we were all applauding Sharon's victory.

Now it is bedtime! Tomorrow we do Bath in the rain.

The 11th of August.

Such a splendid weekend, I am loathe to have not been able to escape normal life for longer. At least, what my life deems "normal". I had a decent sleep, despite the dream I had in which I got murdered, and Pip made some coffee and we had Richard Bertinet toast with marmalade for breakfast.

Mommy, Heidi and I went to pick up Emma from her Dad's, then we drove into Bath. Some of the views are just stunning. If I could cope with hills, I'd to live there. We went to Colonna and Smalls as was recommended by Twitter, and I had a brief chat with Rachel's brother-in-law. Everybody deferred to my coffee knowledge so we all the same flat white, then we went to Heidi's favourite bookshop in the world, called Mr. B's Emporium of Reading Delights (you can tell it's good already) where I bought only three (ha!) books but I'd love to go back and do one of their reading spas, then you get allocated a person who sends you books in this wonderful bespoke service.

We then went to a special kitchen shop where we got disposable piping bags and some pretty cupcake cakes, then got caught in a brief rain shower on the way to lunch. We had it in a place called The Adventure Cafe, where my bagel was so full, I had to deconstruct it to make eating it feasible. Then we went to The Fashion Museum and Assembly rooms, where they had an exhibition of clothing from WWI, and it was all very beautiful and fascinating. I took a couple of photos of pieces I thought were special.

After that, it was time to go back to Heidi's, then home. We stopped at the destination services in Gloucester on the way back, and I had a really good fudgy blondie, which was really tasty and especially satisfying as I haven't had a good blondie in a really long time.

My facial bruising is now spreading down my face and I feel that I look like a moth, although Daddy has taken to calling me Rorschach. Also, my arms have suddenly gone incredibly "boggy" again (that is the technical term) and I have my suspicions as to why, but I need scans, so I think I may be getting admitted either tomorrow or on Wednesday after my second ECP session on Wednesday.

Never rest.

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The 12th & 13th; "You - only you - will have stars that can laugh."

The 8th & 9th; Tonight and tomorrow are very much recovery days.

The 8th & 9th; Tonight and tomorrow are very much recovery days.