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The 13th & 14th; New line day!

The 13th & 14th; New line day!


The 13th of July.

Spent all afternoon writing up blog posts about holiday and now have to write about today! Well I had lorazepam but my body wasn't really playing ball so I woke up at nine, despite my best efforts to stay asleep.

This morning I half-watched Sunday Brunch and Mommy washed my hair because it was disgustingly full of product. I haven't been able to do much that requires memory or skill as lorazepam just completely removes that, so I'll have no real knowledge of what's happened today.

Becky and James came over and we exchanged stories of the week and we gave them their holiday presents.

The majority of my afternoon has been me typing up blog posts to be posted in stages, and having a brief look at my medical notes from BCH, knowing there was no point trying to retain any of it. Will read through them again when I am more compos mentis.

People are going to rummage around in my chest tomorrow. Then I'll finally get some photopheresis, but not before I've had to go back up to 15mg of pred and negate all the hard work I've done. Fucking doctors.

The 14th of July.

New line day! I woke just in time to stuff a bagel in my face and finish it at 7.59am, since I had to be nil by mouth from 8. No coffee (dying), no anything. Needed distractions so we went to the sorting office for me to pick up two letters from BCH with my radiology imaging and the password so that's exciting.

We came home so Mommy could go round the corner to look for a card for Pam, then we went to town to get some cards for me to give to people, a nice sandwich for when I was allowed to eat again, a CD-reader for the iMac, and some cotton pants from M&S as I forgot you have to wear them for surgery and I didn't want the paper pants again. I did end up with styrofoam slippers though.

Then it was off to ambulatory care where we didn't have to wait too long - I was first on the list and went down at quarter to two, saw the man who did my last line and we confirmed that I was having an apheresis line and some woozy drugs and once we were set up and he was in, I had some Midazolam and fell asleep until it was over.

Then I had to stay on the bed for two hours and sit in the chair for an hour before I was allowed to go home so we finally left at about six! Long day.

He's put it on the same side, so I'm really quite achy. Paracetamol before bed.

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The 15th & 16th; I have to remember that I am more than just my body.

The 15th & 16th; I have to remember that I am more than just my body.

Why I am so upset and angry about recent events.