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The 3rd & 4th; "You are on holiday. Calm the fuck down."

The 3rd & 4th; "You are on holiday. Calm the fuck down."

The 3rd of July.

I had literally about half an hour of sleep last night. This is not an exaggeration in the slightest - my body just would not go. And today I had lung function tests!

I got up just before seven and was essentially the walking dead until I'd had two coffees. Oscar decided to come and sit on me before I'd managed to get any breakfast so I had to wait for him to get bored before I could satiate my grumbling tummy.

I had my lung function tests at 12 and they were pretty much on time which was good. It was one of the nice chaps who I've had before so we had nice little chats in between tests. I think having a stronger core has helped me push for longer because Dr. Thompson said my tests were slightly numerically better than last time! Always good to hear. We always enjoy seeing him.

We popped up to 621 if they had heard anything about my line and it had in fact just been booked for the 14th! So that's excellent news. Then on the way home, we stopped at Boots because I needed eyeliner and deodorant, then I got a pretzel as I've been craving one and my mouth can finally cope.

Then lunch, Mommy went to Grandma's, I watched some tv, decided what clothes I'm taking away and had a chat with Dan from the Sutton Observer.

Tonight I am going to have lorazepam and I'm so excited.

The 4th of July.

Oh lorazepam is so good. I had like ten hours of sleep? That's fucking miraculous, compared to my usual. I wanted to wash my hair today before we went way so Mommy and I did that first thing, then we could carry on with packing and having breakfast and things. I had made a list last night while I was still lucid so I know what I had to still pack this morning, so I was ready to go when the car was packed up by twelve.

I spent the first part of the car journey with my big green headphones on, listening to the Passenger album and being contentedly half-asleep. I was prodded to come to when it was time to stop for lunch, which was about two, so I did my mouthwash in the car before going to find something to eat. I started having a major quandary about the calorie options available but then I slapped myself around the face (figuratively) and thinking "You are on holiday. Calm the fuck down". So I had a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich and a small skinny coffee cooler with an extra shot of espresso.

Then it was back in t'car to travel to Topsham! It was not too far, and it's a perfectly nice place. My room was set up as a twin, which I made them change into the double I'd requested, made myself a barely palatable coffee, and unpacked the necessary. Handily, there are many plug sockets! We've just had a very good dinner in the restaurant (sea bass, crab and pea risotto, herb oil) and now I'm going to watch 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown!IMG_0001_2



Disappointing biscuit.


Tea to be nicked.


Tasty risotto!

20140713-211836-76716154.jpg Bed.

The 5th & 6th; It was supposed to rain all day but it has been beautiful!

The 5th & 6th; It was supposed to rain all day but it has been beautiful!

A post-Cosmopolitan letter of thanks.