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The 19th & 20th; Line removal day, surgery GIFs within.

The 19th of June. I slept a little later today - I woke up closer to half five than five. I got up at seven because I wanted to get a workout in before we went to the QE for half twelve line removal.

We went out just before twelve to give us time to park and get coffee before going up to 621. We waved at Sharon when we got there and she went to ring Susie, the doctor who was going to come and do it. She was on her way so promptly appeared, and just talked me through what would happen as I've not actually had to have a line removed like this before - previous ones have happened under GA or mild sedation in theatre. This was in a side room on the ward. It was fairly unremarkable: I lay down with a gown covering my modesty, she jabbed me a few times with some local anaesthetic, then made a small incision. There was some tugging and rummaging, and she snipped all around the cuff that had embedded, then she cut it into two and made me take a deep breath in, then she pulled it out on the exhale. She then applied some pressure for a few minutes and stitched me up! No pain, no dramas. I got re-dressed, had a look at the line but there was no obvious visual problem, and we left. I got Mommy to take photos all the way through because I couldn't watch without getting my head in Susie's way.

When we got home, we had lunch and watched things on the box. As fine as I feel, I know I do need to rest so tomorrow will be a quiet day too. Just have to wait for a slot for my new apheresis line now!

The 20th of June.

Nice day! My Zopiclone plan didn't work (I was going to take it when I woke up in the middle of the night, and it would knock me out for a bit longer, but I still was up at half seven) so I'm just going to have to deal with that. I think lorazepam would work but that is really a last resort.

My chest doesn't hurt too much, and it's a bit strange not having to move the line out of the way, but I'm sure that will change soon enough. I'd cancelled my session with Danny because I did not think it would be wise to put stress on my arms/chest, so I'll see him next week (well that's the current plan, we'll see when the new line gets put in which I'm sure will scupper matters).

Mommy wanted to go to the O2 shop as she had questions about her phone, so we did that, I got some pants and pyjamas from Topshop, and we bought some cards from Paperchase, because we need to sent Christine one to congratulate her on her new job! She rang and I answered Mommy's phone as she wasn't there, then she appeared and I relayed the news which resulted in a very loud, happy squeal. I think we are all very relieved.

Nothing particularly exciting has happened for me today, but I am very content.

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The 21st & 22nd; Coffee can only perk me up so many times.

The 17th & 18th; It is half past nine and I am going to bed.