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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 2nd & 3rd; Stupid timed period/HRT/Provera.

The 2nd of April. Woke up on my own terms, my favourite why. Washed my hair for the first time since it was dyed and there are some candy floss streaks now which is cute.

This afternoon, the little grey kitty with the smushy face and short legs came to visit! I went outside to try and say hi but it ran away. I also did a lot of squats, but then I sat down to rest and Oscar felt this was the perfect time for a hug.

This evening, Mommy and I went to see Andrew Lawrence at The Glee Club. It was a good gig - a weird group of people. Chap behind me looked like he'd not long since woken up in a skip, then I heard him saying he "definitely had a virus" and proceeded to laugh on my neck and it was gross. Also the lady who sat next to me smelled awful so I really had to sit as close to Mommy as possible.

The 3rd of April.

Ugh, last night I couldn't sleep so I thought "sod this" and I went to get some Zopiclone and then I had a great sleep.

This morning, my central line was really irritating me - having the dressing in a stupid place, only one stitch was in, so I decided to remove the dressing, remove the stitch and place it in a more comfortable position so now it's stuck down there. I'm sure all the nurses I see will be thrilled.

This afternoon, I mainly did exercise. I find the repetition of doing sets enjoyable, it passes the time, and when I'm finished, I feel like I've been productive. I also chased a kitty out of the front garden.

I have felt kind of hormonal and sad all day. Stupid timed period/HRT/Provera. Every three months for ten days I am scheduled to feel crap.

The 4th & 5th; I don't know how to make the most of the cherry blossoms.

The 31st & 1st; April Fools' Day!