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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 23rd & 24th; I can't wait to feel strong again.

The 23rd of March. Well I think I am done with all this computer business. I'm sure there are more jobs I could find but I will not be doing them right now.

So today I've pretty much just been finishing off sorting out iPhoto. I did some blog updating and ordered Mommy's Mother's Day present.

I promise this will get more interesting again now I've finished all the computer stuff.

The 24th of March.

A much more interesting day! It began well with news from Heidi that a company she works for, The Real Adventure, have selected Anthony Nolan as their charity of the year after she made a pitch about them/me because she is a fabulous lady and I love her dearly.

It was nice not to spend my morning staring at a computer screen, but instead to leisurely drink my coffee and read a bit more of Trouble in Mind.

Danny, the new personal trainer came at one, and we spent about an hour working out and talking. We were both surprised by the strength I've retained, even though I haven't been working out regularly since July. My core is still impressive - I was able to do the plank for 46 seconds which I believe is quite good. My legs are what let me down so I really need to focus on them.

He only left at just after two, so I was pretty hungry (got to start keeping a food diary again, blah) so I had some lunch and caught up with the ridiculousness of TOWIE. I also had a delightful surprise in a moment in which some junk from my lungs decided to surface and I had to cough it up. My favourite.

I am tired but it's good.  Danny doesn't think it will take long to get me back to where I was and I hope that's the case because I can't wait to feel strong again.

The 25th & 26th; We're calling this one "Battenberg".

The 21st & 22nd; I do not think my day could have been more mundane.