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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 19th & 20th; Much more successful day.

The 19th of March. Much more successful day. I slept all night, got up at eight and came downstairs to have my breakfast and start the backup of the laptop, before getting Mommy to wash my hair. I was (optimistically, I admit) hoping it might be mostly done by the time I got back downstairs. In actual fact, it didn't finish until some time mid-afternoon, when I was then able to move on to the next stage! Still not quite finished, but a lot more progress has been made.

I chased the nasty black and white cat out of the garden this morning after I noticed Oscar lying very flat on the bridge and staring at a spot I couldn't see. I opened the back door, started to walk towards him and I saw the evil cat climbing up and over the fence. Prick. I coaxed Oscar back inside and we had a little hug.

Tomorrow is Mommy's Harrods birthday treat! Such fun.

The 20th of March.

Mommy birthday trip day! The trains were not fun but the time in Harrods was lovely.

Our train down was delayed so we arrived in London an hour later than planned, but we still got to Harrods in time for our one o'clock reservation. Mommy had the Georgian blend and I had the Assam Gold. Then all the foods came! A lobster and prawn mousse in a brioche bun, and finger sandwiches of beef and onion marmalade, smoked salmon and truffle, egg mayonnaise, and my first ever cucumber sandwich. It was an interesting texture experience. Then we each ate our plain scones (we brought the sultana scones home - they were so massive!), then cakes! We decided to eat the fragile ones and bring the more robust ones home, so we ate the teeny weeny lemon meringue tarts and the millefeuille, and we brought home the chocolate hazelnut delices, the raspberry macarons, and the pieces of fruit cake.

We didn't get Mommy's present because we decided there wasn't time, so we looked at the ridiculously expensive toys, then we went to the food halls. I bought some of Mommy's tea, some chocolate Dorotea biscuits, and some William Curley chocolates. Then there wasn't much time before we had to go back to Euston!

We were on a London Midland service back (never doing that again), and Daddy picked us up and it is warm sleepy bed time.

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The 21st & 22nd; I do not think my day could have been more mundane.

The 17th & 18th; He doesn't think of me as being terminally ill.