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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 13th & 14th; It's unfathomable to me.

The 13th of March. Only a very slight hangover this morning, dispelled with carbs and coffee. We saw Dr. Gillian in the queue for Costa. She originally looked after me at BCH but now works at the women's and is going to have a baby and be a consultant soon!

We went up to level 6 which was surprisingly quiet, and I was up and running by 12. Everything went suspiciously well; makes me concerned about tomorrow! So I was finished by two with was grand. I did have a very odd reaction to the heparin - when the nurse put it in, I felt like my tongue started vibrating, then it spread to my mouth and through my body. It was very strange; in the six and a half years I've been having heparin down my line, I have never had that reaction before. We went into town after because I needed mascara and eyeliner, and we got a birthday card for Tilly.

When we came home, we watched some Criminal Minds and I did some online shopping without actually buying anything. Which was good of me.

I'm panicking again about getting on the scales in the morning. I don't know what to do about it. I miss the gym so much; I really love working out but the risk of infection is too great. I may end up buying some weights because I need to do something.

The 14th of March.

Day 2 of photopheresis. Exactly the same routine, except Daddy took me today so Mommy could go to the residents and relatives meeting to discuss the catering situation after Grandma had to send back two meals this week. One was stone cold, and another was an inedible pizza that was rock hard. But more on that later!

When it was over, we went to see 300: Rise of an Empire. Not in 3D. I'm glad we avoided that - I don't need gratuitous blood spatter in my face. Eva Green wears some beautifully badass outfits. Then on our way home, I texted Mommy to let her know, and she rang to ask if we could pick her up from Boldmere Court. This was because Grandma had been served her evening meal and this was it: half a long fish finger, a tiny potato waffle and a tablespoon of spaghetti hoops. Hearing this, I had to see it for myself and it was actually worse than I imagined. The head cook is apparently sick today and off on Mondays so we won't be able to talk to her until Tuesday. However, we know that she approves the menus so she'll be aware of what the meal was (or what she intended it to be) and she has no budget so isn't having to think of costs. What I can't get my head around is that whoever made it has eaten food all their lives, has grandparents, and still sent that out, thinking it acceptable. It's unfathomable to me.

grandma's dinner

The 15th & 16th; I would like a break from hospital appointments please.

The 11th & 12th; My liver tests are remarkably good!