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The 25th & 26th; Happy Birthday to my Mommy!

The 25th of February. Another good sleep! Shhh.

Mommy accidentally gave me 2mg of pred this morning when it should've been one, but I should've noticed and not taken one of them. I'm annoyed at myself. It's not the end of the world, but it's another day of steroid that I desperately don't want.

Daddy and I went to see Cuban Fury because I discovered that he is no fun and doesn't want to see The Lego Movie! Going to have to find someone else to go with. Cuban Fury was good though; I enjoyed it. Particularly Simon Pegg's cameo. I don't like Chris O'Dowd playing a dickhead. It is wrong and upsets me.

This morning, Mommy and I ganache'd her checkerboard birthday cake. It's huge! Insanely vast. We will have to have very tall, thin slices.

Got to wrap present and write card tonight before bed.

The 26th of February.

Happy Birthday to my Mommy! I woke up quite early so I went downstairs to give her her card and a little present - her proper present will be that I take her to London and buy her a Mulberry purse (or whatever she chooses) and we'll go for a nice lunch somewhere.

We both felt the need for more icing on the cake so this morning we made a white chocolate ganache and waited for it to thicken which was taking a ridiculously long time, so we went upstairs to wash my hair.

Then we went to The Cock Inn at Wishaw for Mommy's birthday lunch. I had an accidentally entirely vegetarian meal - asparagus with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce, then gnocchi with butternut squash, spinach and ricotta. It was all delicious, but tomorrow I think I will eat a lot of meat and veg and not so many carbs (I rather over-indulged in bread too).

When we came back, we poured the white ganache that had been in the fridge over the dark one and just let it fall down the sides in a rather pretty way. Mark Heath's mum had found a copy of Sleeping Jack Whittington and the Seven Bears from Hallfield and given us a copy so we watched that. I was fabulous, as were Sadie, Tim, Amelia and Adam. Sadie and I are going to watch it again with wine. Fun times!

Tonight we've had cake and it is yummy. The checkerboard was a complete success!

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