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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 7th & 8th; Two excellent things happened.

The 7th of February. I took a Zopiclone last night but it didn't really make much difference. I'm hoping it's because I ate quite a lot yesterday so it didn't affect me as much. I was still out of bed by half past eight.

I felt really dreadful for the majority of today - still sort-of coughing, weary, not breathing brilliantly. Things only picked up mid-afternoon, when I went upstairs to have a lie-down and read of my book, except I ended up writing a piece about pity which people seem to have enjoyed reading. On my way downstairs, two excellent things happened: I had a phone call from the photopheresis nurses saying my line is scheduled for Thursday the 13th, so now that's confirmed, we can sort out some other things that were on hold until we had a date. The other good thing is that the lovely Asa and Jennie from Piccadilly Opticians have made me an offer I would be stupid to refuse, and they've left me smiling all day. People are great.

I hope I have a better sleep tonight. I'm down to 5mg of steroid now, and the sooner I'm off them altogether, the better. Sleeping properly again will be such a joy.

The 8th of February.

I was not blessed with sleep, unfortunately - from 2am, I was awake on the hour, every hour, until five, when I stopped being able to return to sleep. So you can imagine I'm flagging this evening.

This morning, Mommy washed my hair, then I read the paper and watched Saturday Kitchen because Rashida Jones was on it. The post came and was quite exciting for me - my necklace from the Rob Ryan x Tatty Devine collaboration came and it's perfect. I also got the second package from Stack, which was just the one magazine this time, called vna. It's quite a hefty tome! But what I've read so far, I've really liked.

Speaking of hefty tomes, I've finished The Luminaries! This afternoon was a bit of a reading marathon, but it was an enjoyable one; I was compelled to keep continue. But what do I read next?

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The 9th & 10th; Carbon to carbon.

On pity, something I do not want or deserve.