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The 5th & 6th; Today has been oodles of fun.

The 5th of February. Still worrying about a cough. I've started taking the mucodyne just to move any cack that's sitting there. Get it going before I have to force it out with the CF exercises I learned at BCH. Coughing up cack can be incredibly exhausting.

I sort of slept until about half seven today, which is pretty late for me at the moment. It was quite a relief. I spent my morning updating my blog, and watching Joely, Jelli and Tom on This Morning! Well, it was mainly Tom who did the talking. Holly fell in love with Kelli, as I predicted she would, because they're all gorgeous. They gave Kelli a huge box of Disney/Frozen stuff (I am quite jealous; it looked awesome), and Phillip's tailor came and has measured Tom for a suit! I don't think they knew about that surprise.

This afternoon was spent watching things on the box, and reading my book. I rang the photopheresis team about my line but they haven't got back to me so I'll have to ring them again tomorrow before we go out. I also talked to Nationwide about the credit card that never arrived, and it's because they never received my returned form - it must have disappeared in the past. So they've sent me another one.

Oh, we found out we have tickets to watch Pointless being filmed in March! Two episodes, so that's going to be a convivial afternoon of hijinks. And I think tomorrow and Pointless will contribute to my bucket list filming entry. Those and I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue I think have it covered. Nearly done now. I'll have to come up with more things!

The 6th of February.

On the upside, today has been oodles of fun. On the downside, I am completely knackered. I didn't sleep well, and we have done an awful lot of driving which always wears me out for some reason.

The reason for all the driving was because we got tickets to watch Simon Rimmer's new show, Win It, Cook It! We found out at the end of last week, but we didn't book any train tickets in case I got called in to have my line. But that didn't happen, so we drove! Which was quite fortuitous, in the in end, as the weather was horrendous and there was the tube strike - coping with all that with me in the wheelchair would have been horrific.

On the way down, the journalist who worked with Joely, Tom and Kelli rang me to discuss what she would like to do with my story. From our conversation and some of the things she asked me, I think we're going to get along fabulously. She has made it her mission to get my story out there, nationwide, and I'm very excited about what's to come.

The filming of the show itself was fun - not many people turned up to be in the audience so they had the production crew fill in for some shots. There wasn't too much waiting around either. The most awkward bit was having to clap and cheer and look at things that weren't there. But when everyone's enthusiastic, it's not so cringeworthy. We had decent company on our row. We're the front row, so look out for me in April-ish on Channel 4 at 5pm.

We didn't stop on the drive down, which was a good thing, as we had to go on a little tour of Islington car parks, and finally got a space in the fourth one we got to. We then decided to make for the studios straight away, arrived about two-ish, saw The Diner across the road and decided that it would do for lunch. So glad we did! I had an Oreo milkshake, then a cheeseburger with Swiss cheese and some sweet potato fries. My God, it was so dirty and greasy and god. If only I'd had longer than ten minutes to eat it! I will definitely be going back because I need to eat all the breakfast dishes, basically.

When the show finished, we got back to our car, had a frightening drive round Islington because there are too many people on two-wheeled vehicles, stopped at a services for some M&S food, and came home. Now I am flooped.

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