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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 5th & 6th; I have no spoons.

The 5th of January. Oh my fucking god. I have been awake since half past two this morning and since I am incapable of napping when not poorly, I have had nine espressos over four lattes and yet have still been dreaming of bed since four. I did puzzles and listened to podcasts and did iPadmin to while away the hours until I got out of bed at eight.

I had kippers for breakfast which made me feel mildly better, and Oscar gave me death stares but I really did not care. I then pretty much spent my day in the armchair in the living room performing various tasks. I wrote three blog posts, tried and failed to find an easy way to organise/bulk delete photos on iPads/iPhones, and watched An Education. I've seen it before but it's still excellent. I have also done the mass deletion of photos from my phone which felt like a massive wrench, completely illogically as I put them all into Ada. Stupid brain.

So I am recording Sherlock and going to bed at half past eight because that feels like a socially acceptable bedtime. I have no spoons.

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The 6th of January.

Well I had sleep so I feel better today. I need another good night though if I want to stay awake without silly amounts of caffeine in my system.

I got up just after eight, and had breakfast and coffee while I watched last night's Sherlock. It might not have been to everyone's taste, but I enjoyed it. Mommy washed my hair, then as I dried it and got dressed and things, I listened to an interesting programme on Radio 4 called Hack My Hearing. Then I came downstairs and watched This Morning (obviously we are back to normal life again).

When that was over, we watched The Bridge and that's all very intriguing with lots of questions to be answered already. I love Saga. Then Mommy went to see Grandma and I wrote my thank you cards.

Tonight I've been incredibly burpy which is incredibly boring/worrying and I've been reading Doctor Sleep.

Stupid wind.

The 7th & 8th; It's time for me to be reassessed.

The 30th & 31st; An exceptional end to an abominable year.