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The 13th & 14th; Harry Potter Day!

The 13th of December. Harry Potter day! I woke up early again but that is just going to be par for the course for now. I got up and had breakfast, then we went to the place where we get the logs. It's a weird place - it's just effectively a nursery in someone's massive back garden. All the plants look dead, or not far off it. It seemed deserted, so Daddy went to look for someone while Mommy and I sat in the car and speculated about just taking some bits of tree and leaving because no one would know. But a man did emerge and we paid for some logs. On the way home, we went to Homebase where Mommy and I fell in love with pretty much the first tree we saw which is rare; I'm very picky about my tree as so many are very sparse around the top.

I had time at home for a coffee before Becky came over and we all went to Harry Potter Studios! We arrived around two, so we went to the café for some lunch as we'd only been munching on Maltesers in the car. I had a jacket potato with a mountain of cheese, Mommy had a fish finger sandwich, and Daddy and Becky had sausages and mash. Christine arrived about 2.40, so she sat down and Becky and I ate cakes, then we joined the queue for our 3.30 tour!

First we went past The Cupboard Under The Stairs, then we watched a little film about the acquisition of the rights to and making of the first film, then there was another film of DW, EW and RG introducing the studio and talking about all the people who worked there.

Then the screen rose up into the ceiling and we were at the front door of Hogwarts! First was The Great Hall, which was all Christmas-ified with trees and a feast and wreaths. Even the trees had little witches on brooms flying round the tops! Adorable. Then we went through to the sound stages and there were all the sets! Essentially you just wander around, read stuff, take a lot of pictures and generally marvel at everything. The first room is all sets and props, then there's an outside lot for Privet Drive, the flying car, the wizard's chess pieces etc, and there is also butterbeer! Butterbeer is rank. Only Daddy liked it.

The second lot of rooms is more about prosthetics, animatronics and designing of sets and concept art. Some of it is absolutely stunning, and if I had the monies and the space, I would buy it all. Once you have seen all the miniature models of buildings and rooms, round the corner is a huge scale model of Hogwarts! In the snow! It was beautiful and magical, just as I imagined it would be. It is majestic. I wheeled myself down around it, took an obligatory Hogwarts selfie, and had photos with Christine and Becky.

Then we went out through the room of all the wands to the shop! I wanted a Gryffindor quidditch jumper but they'd sold out, so I got a cardigan and scarf, as well as a mug, chocolate frog, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and a Pygmypuff!

Then we dropped Christine off at Watford Junction and made our own way home, stopping at M&S for food, and it felt a lot later than the 9.30 it was when we got home.

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The 14th of December.

It has been a hectic day, one way and another! I got up at eight-ish, had breakfast and coffee in my pyjamas, then had a shower in Grandma's bathroom using the shower chair. Once I was all clean and sparkly, I tried on the two dresses I'd ordered. I think I've picked one, but it desperately needs ironing before I try it on again as it's been severely creased in transit.

After a big moisturising session, I got dressed and came back downstairs to write up yesterday. The post came and I had some surprise cards and two super-cute brooches from Faye! One is a deer and one is a camera and they're adorable. Rachel Roberts sent me a card with lots of Christmas jumpers on which is awesome. I had lunch, which is getting better - I can chew meat again so that makes like more interesting. I typed up my blog and sent Becky my photos from yesterday.

Then I watched Harry Potter and read the paper while Daddy did tree-trimming and Mommy went to see Grandma. We put the tree up and put lights on, then let the branches settle out while we had dinner which was a venison cottage pie-type malarkey. It was yummy.

Tonight I have put all the decorations on the tree; I've gone for red and gold with hints of white and green. Strictly is on and Susanna is dancing her salsa with an expression of such glee, I can't help but love her.

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The 15th & 16th; Bloody steroids.

The 11th & 12th; All is well with the world.