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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 7th & 8th; There is a glow about it that doesn't exist any other day.

The 7th of December. I think the 30mg of steroid is working, although not as quickly as I would like. If it's still only the same in the morning I'm upping the dose. Want it gone, don't care.

This morning I read the paper while half-watching Mary Berry on Saturday Kitchen. I can't wait for the day when I can eat something like a muffin for breakfast - porridge is becoming so dull. When I'd finished the paper, I went upstairs to rinse the product from Wednesday from my hair and get dressed, then I had another thrilling lunch of soup. My pudding was more interesting - I warmed a black bottom cupcake in the microwave and cut it up into little bits so I didn't have to chew.

This afternoon, I painted my nails with a mixture of ciaté sugar plum from my advent calendar and nails inc snowflake, and updated my blog. I'm in the process of doing a post about Christmas but there's more picture work to do. I also had a look at Selfridges' and Paperchase's wrapping paper, but I can't decide! I'm going to have to go in and look at them in person.

Harry Potter was on so that was mandatory viewing (studios on Friday!), and this evening is Strictly and X Factor, obviously. Claudia is on instead of Bruce and it's so much better. Please go away forever, Bruce.

The 8th of December.

Today has been a quiet day - I spent my morning with one eye on Sunday Brunch and going through The Observer's food magazine, in which they voted Harrod's brownies the best, so I think we'll definitely be picking some of those up tomorrow. We still have no idea what is happening, apart from that a driver named Darren will pick us up at 8.30am.

This afternoon I just watched movies. I think in my spare time I might papercut some baubles or snowflakes because I feeling severely unproductive. City of Ember was on which is a nice film that I watched last Christmas, so I was pleased to find it was on again.

Oh, I wrote up my Christmas blog post and have made a couple of people cry. I just love my Christmas and wish the day could be endless. I am happiest when I'm watching people unwrap their gifts that I've bought them. There is a glow about it that doesn't exist any other day. I can't wait to wrap the presents while watching The Polar Express and drinking hot chocolate.

The 9th & 10th; Today was really a perfect day.

My Christmas.