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Paris #2: The 20th & 21st; We are in Disneyland!

The 20th of November. We are in Disneyland!

This morning we had breakfast in the hotel, so I had two mini pains au chocolat and some bread and nutella. Then we packed up our stuff and went back to the Arc de Triomphe, where we were going to get the train from. However, we couldn't find the lift so the supposedly-accessible station, so we thought "Sod this, it's going to be too much stress", went back to the hotel and got them to call us a taxi who brought us here. It cost €90 but frankly, we don't care.

We checked in and our room is on the ground floor so it's super accessible. It's very pink. Oh, when we came in, a brass quartet were playing! It was the Winnie the Pooh theme tune. We saw a little girl meet him and her face of wonderment was adorable. We bimbled about and at some lunch, then came back to the hotel to wrap up warm before going out to watch the parade. It started off fine, but got progressively wetter and by the end, my toes were freezing and we were quite drenched. So we made a beeline for the hotel again to dry off and have a little rest before dinner at six. We met Mickey, Minnie plus a whole load of other characters so that was lots of fun.

Tonight we've FaceTimed Christine and Daddy and listened to a Josh Widdicombe podcast, and now I'm doing this with the BBC International News channel on. The weatherman keeps using the word "trundling". I don't think storms can trundle.



The 21st of November.

I am doing my writing a bit earlier tonight because I didn't sleep brilliantly - I was too warm, Mommy was snoring, I don't know. I'm sleepy.

We had breakfast in Inventions which consisted of meats, cheeses and carbohydrates. My favourite breakfast that I saw was that of a small girl who had a plate full of mini jars of Nutella. Her dad removed one. Just one.

This morning we went to Walt Disney Studios and looked at all the things. The Studios are less fun than the Disneyland Park, because they're showing Armageddon and Signs and other stressful films. Do not like. My toes got really cold, so we made it our mission to find some fuzzy Tinkerbell socks for adults but we failed because there are none! So I have pink Minnie Mouse ones instead.

We went to Auberge de Cendrillion for lunch had three super fancy courses which made us incredibly full. I had photos with Cinderella, Snow White and her Prince, and Ariel! I also saw many tiny adorable girls. It's fun to make faces at wee children.

This afternoon we bought a blanket and some other bits, then we watched the parade again with no rain this time! Much better. Then we went to Starbucks for a hot Christmassy beverage because we wanted hot things but not food. I bought the Paris Starbucks mug.

Tonight we had drinks and nibbles in Café Fantasia and now we're listening to The News Quiz podcast.


Paris #3: The 22nd & 23rd; Now I am going to bed.

Paris #1: The 18th & 19th; We are here, in Paris, and all is well.