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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 25th & 26th; To the untrained eye.

stephen fry The 25th of October.

My lie-in was a massive anti-climax because I woke up at one, two and four. That really rather ruins a good sleep.

Becky had put an Observer through our letterbox because guess who is plastered across pages four and five? Yours truly. The article was much better than previous ones that have been written about me and I don't look hideous in all the photos, so I'm quite happy.

We went to hospital for half ten for obs, to see Charlotte and to allow James to "clap eyes on me". She told us how she'd been to Find Your Sense of Tumour and it sounds very different to when I went. My time seems like much more fun. Then James and his entourage came in. They were pleased with my general appearance and the team are hopefully sorting out all my drugs. I said "Go team" and they all found this vastly amusing. Back tomorrow and Sunday at half ten, then formal discharge on Monday!

This afternoon, I wrote up a blog post, hid from the window cleaner, babysat the phone which did not ring, and watched Misfits. Joe Gilgun is now that program's only redeeming feature, but I must see how it ends.

Tonight I am writing this in my own bed instead of the one in room 25.

The 26th of October.

Well today has been really rather fucking fabulous! I had a better sleep, and by the time I got downstairs, the post had come. Now this is not usually a tremendously exciting event, but today, along with a reminder from the dentist, I got a photo of Stephen Fry with a personal message and a verbal hug! So I started off the day very perkily and slightly trembly.

Went to hospital, had obs done, saw James in his casual-weekend-consultant-attire, had a discussion about pharmacy's inability to send me more than one week's worth of aciclovir at a time. It makes no sense. It's like their strange habit of only giving me 12 neomycin tablets at once. They must waste so much money on brown glass bottles.

This afternoon, Ethel had been to see Grandma and taken the Observer. Having seen it in black and white, she had got quite upset, so I went in with my mama to see her so she could see that I still appear well and functioning to the untrained eye. On the way out, I got to play with a pug! It had come to visit someone else. I want a service from which I can rent tiny dogs to play with.

I had a visit from Sophie McCance-Davis who brought me the cake her neighbour made for me. It is like a FORTRESS OF CHOCOLATE. There is a wall of Flakes and layers of cookie dough and Oreos. It's a good thing I need to put on half a stone!

Tonight I have retrieved a load of old photos from my broken hard drive and looked back on them fondly.

Twitter has also been very good tonight and some exciting things might happen but shhh.neighbour cake observer

Do not try and sell me bullshit.

The 23rd & 24th; Nostalgia is a side effect of dying.