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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 21st & 22nd; It's really difficult to say "I'm dying" without sounding incredibly melodramatic.

20131024-070455.jpg The 21st of October.

After the total crap sandwich which was my day yesterday, today could only have been an improvement.

And it was, vastly so. Aaron (not Owen, as it turns out) was very skilled at getting blood for my colomycin level, but he has had handy experience in vascular where no one has any veins. Julie was prompt, as was Lucas for the second bleeding!

We drove home in the pouring rain, watching all the students going to nine o'clock lectures, trying to stay dry but it was futile. I did not envy them.

Lunchtime session went well, then we hung around to see the doctors because we needed to ask them how regular neomycin is going to be. It appears I'm going to be "disinfecting my bowel" once a week. Lovely. James was very apologetic - I think as he's my consultant, he feels bad that he hadn't really registered how bad my lungs were, and it was only when Dr. Thompson spoke at the meeting that they all realised that a transplant was just not feasible.

This afternoon Oscar complained about being wet and I drank coffee and harassed people about sharing my blog.

Tonight, things have been a bit slow to start, but they've got going now and Mel knows I need to be home by 8 tomorrow morning.

me and kayla

The 22nd of October.

Busy! So busy. But I would rather be busy and tired than bored and full of energy.

We left hospital at eight this morning because I needed to be at Bad Apple at nine, and it's a good thing we did! The traffic was so terrible - what should've taken us thirty minutes took an hour and a quarter! As soon as we arrived, I legged it to the bathroom because peeing was all I could think about for the entire journey.

So I sat down with James and Kayla and we discussed what we were doing, and now I have a silver-white bob with a very blunt fringe. Neither of then had seen what was happening, so I had to break the news again. It's really difficult to say "I'm dying" without sounding incredibly melodramatic.

My mama picked me up and we went straight back to hospital, so I didn't actually go home again until about three. This afternoon I sorted out my room a bit, despite having very little energy, and Becky came over. I gave her my old iPhone 4S because her phone's screen's cracked, but I refused to let her pay me. What would I do with her money? It hardly makes sense.

Oh I had some lovely post! A postcard from Valentino the puffy kitty, which is now sitting on my bookshelf, and an amazing fruit basket arrangement from Sue Mills! So we will definitely all get out 5 a day for a couple of days. Grapes everywhere.

Tonight we got to hospital a bit early so we were definitely here in time to watch the Bake Off final. Frances won, which was expected, and it was fine because she wasn't Kimberley.

Now I am very sleepy.

The 23rd & 24th; Nostalgia is a side effect of dying.

Dispelling the misconceptions of bone marrow transplantation.