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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 6th & 7th.

The 6th of October. This is going to be a late night. It's twenty five past eleven and I'm still on my first antibiotic. My day began with the domestic cleaning around me, and Monica poked her head in but decided to come back when I wasn't horizontal and wearing an eye mask. The nurse did not impress me either, as I was getting dressed when she tried to come in, so I said "No I'm getting dressed!", which she took to mean "Poke your eyes round the edge of the curtain and ask if I've had my drugs". I spent the morning here because my parents had promised my grandma they'd take her to church. It was fine; I watched Sunday Brunch and got tweeted by Angela Malik so I was really quite happy. My antibiotics were up just before half twelve, so my dad and I left just before two. This afternoon, we had beef with Yorkshire pudding and it was wholesome and scrummy. I then spent about an hour trying to install the new wireless hard drive I got to replace the one that broke. I don't think it's entirely what I wanted but it'll do. Tonight was Adam Hills, which is why everything's late. I'm on my second antibiotics now. We had fun in traffic, but thankfully were still in time. He was very good - he talks to people, which I like. Particularly a twelve year old (actually) in the second row. Poor kid. I hope he didn't ask his mum or stepdad what clitoris means. I shouldn't have to be awake too much longer. Tomorrow I need to press for home again. Need a plan.

The 7th of October. I am writing this in hospital but I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight. My excitement is unfathomable. Everyone was being a dick this morning - the doctor came in unprepared, then left the cold, wet alco-wipe on my arm, then stayed in the room to do all her bits afterwards with all the lights on, which I felt was incredibly antisocial at four o'clock in the morning. The cleaner came in and did the room really noisily, then left the door wide open and two auxiliaries had a loud discussion about TOWIE right outside. Then, my nurse put my first antibiotics through without a pump (which I didn't immediately notice as I was still vainly trying to be asleep), and asked me to keep an eye on it even though I was still wearing the eye mask! She changed it for the second one. (Everything should go through a pump to prevent my PICC line from blocking.) When I mentioned the disruption to my sleep, she just shrugged and said "Oh well jobs have to be done and everyone's asleep at some point". Which just shows her lack of sense of common courtesy. Mike from the IV team has been really busy for me all day, bless him. He has been phoning everyone under the sun to try and sort this out for me, but after running into problems with the colomycin, we've had to put that on pause until there are further developments from the microbiologist. Sophie has been a star and organised it for us to come back and forth again after the consultant's ward round this afternoon. She is one if the few good things about this place. Carlos is sorting my drugs now. He's a lamb.

The 8th & 9th.

The 4th & 5th.