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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 28th & 29th.

The 28th of September. Today I have been much more with it. I've had to be reminded of what day it is, but generally much better than yesterday. I slept relatively well, I think, on the remains of the Zopiclone and Lorazepam. My Mama came in at about eleven after a really long queue at Costa, and we talked a bit about the past couple of days so she could fill in the gaps. I made three attempts at eating a banana but it just really hurt, then we saw Dr. Ferguson and he said not to worry about it, that I've got a particularly nasty bug and he expected me to feel dreadful and have no appetite so my feelings were validated by that. He said I should feel much better tomorrow so I'm hoping he's right about that too. This afternoon, we listened to Radio 4 and read our respective newspapers. We he arrived, Daddy brought me a hot chocolate but that was too painful to drink, but I was fine with coffee earlier and some juicy water, so I have no logical theory about that. Another illogical thing happening is that my skin GvH seems to be flaring up so that's useful. Tonight I have been being stressed about my skin and my cannula's given up so now I have to stay awake until someone can come and do another one and I can have my antibiotic and go to sleep.

The 29th of September. Oh God, last night was dreadful. My cannula decided to blow just in time for my final antibiotic of the day, then I had to wait for someone to come and find somewhere to put in a new one. It was the girl who's been stabbing me all week, but after a few goes, she had to go and get the reg who was on. He managed to get one in the underside of my wrist, which made sleeping interesting. That cannula blew this morning - I was urgently calling them back in to get it out because I could just feel that it hurt and was wrong. So then I spent the rest of the morning free of lines, watching Andrew Marr and Sunday Brunch. Dr. Ferguson came in about eleven? We had a chat about some confusion over my drugs, and he was sorry about my arms. There are weird things going on with steroids/tac. I now don't think that my GvH is flaring - last night my skin was just angry. When my Mama came, I had a little cry at her, then we talked to the hot reg who confirmed stuff about steroids - 10mg/day, tac paused. Not for long though. He said "you're a bit down aren't you" and I was like "well how would you feel in my position?!" Gah. This afternoon I've just slept - I only woke up for tablets. I decided to stay awake after six because Daddy was here and I wanted to be able to fall asleep tonight. I ate better today - a chocolate chip brioche, a packet and a half of crisps, three quarters of a cookie, some chocolate frog faces and a few Gaviscon. Tonight is X Factor and lots of rest. I don't know what will be happening in the morning so I might organise my tablets tonight.


The 30th & 1st.

The 26th & 27th.