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The 16th & 17th; Things are just getting worse.

The 16th & 17th; Things are just getting worse.


The 16th of February.  A much quieter day! But just what I needed. I was woken up by Radio WM calling to hear about my weekend so I told the story in brief in a rather sleepy, groggy state. I was then completely woken up from my Zopiclone slumber so I spent my morning writing about yesterday and pinching myself to prove it was real. 

After lunch, we went on a brief trip into Sutton to swap Grandma's hearing aid (such excitement, I just know) and for me to get some new cleanser as my skin has gone completely mental. I blame HRT. 

This afternoon, I have made the arms of a bunny and written another summary of my life post for the new masses. I shall probably get the feet of the bunny done tonight during Only Connect. Joe Lycett was interviewed on WM this afternoon to talk about yesterday, and he was so lovely. Oh and Aisling Bea tweeted me to invite me to Channel 4's Comedy Gala! Bwahaha I will slowly make all of the comedians my friends. 

The 17th of February. 

Pancake Day aka one of the best days of the year. Did not begin brilliantly. Mommy had gone out to take Grandma to Parkinson's clinic by the time I got downstairs but had left me batter and other kit including the perching stool. However, I completely failed at making them - mine were more like omelettes. They were consigned to the bin. I had got out some prosciutto though which can't really go back in the packet so I put it in a toasted muffin and had that for breakfast instead. 

For the rest of the day, I have been finishing the bunny I've been doing for a lady on twitter, so that needs to go in the post. Must start the aardvark now,that's next on the list. 

For lunch, Mommy had a go at the pancakes and succeeded, so I had them with crispy parma ham and maple syrup. And yes, we'll be having crêpes for dinner too. 

Alison came over while we were watching Super Cute Animals because we haven't seen her for a while as she didn't want to bring any bugs from school round. We heard about the saga of Jamie's new phone, and basically, Yodel are incompetent. 

I spoke to Andrew Willis' secretary this morning, but she doesn't organise the procedures. She said she'd email the coordinator with my number and she'd call me. I haven't heard anything, so tomorrow after my PIP assessment, we're going to clinic because things are just getting worse.  

The 18th & 19th; I will have to deal with the possibility that I might not be able to go anywhere independently ever again.

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