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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 4th & 5th; I will get there.

The 4th & 5th; I will get there.


The 4th of February.  We're on our way to having a plan! Ugh I'm complicated. I'll explain. We got to the QE at the crack of sparrowfart for my venogram at nine. I know so many of the people in that department now. Andrew Willis came to have a chat before I went in to just go through what would happen, then I got taken through. The first bit is somewhat dull, everyone saying hi and doing all the safety checks. I had to have a cannula in each arm, but in the left arm, my veins did not co-operate. The first two went in the tissue, then they got the ultrasound machine, got one in the vein but it then blew, and then finally we got one in the right place. After that, it was very quick! Put the drug down the arms while I hold my breath and the radiographer takes a picture. That's it! Andrew came to have a look at it and he was happy that we didn't need another, so I was able to go and get dressed, then we'd have a chat. The pictures have apparently been very helpful, because we have a couple of problems. Firstly, the narrowing is indeed back as I suspected. The second thing is that the internal end of the line is causing some blood to divert into a vein it isn't supposed to be in, which is a Bad Thing. Basically, lots of doctors need to have lots of chats, think carefully, then they'll make a plan and let me know. I think what will probably happen is that I'll have a venoplasty every few months until the line comes out. But we'll see what they decide. 

Came home where I had breakfast (I'd not eaten just in case) and since then I've not done much! My load of wool arrived so I've started Simon the Sheep, but I can't do much with my left arm as there was so much digging around in it this morning. 

The 5th of February. 

Today has been really rather good. I had a Zopiclone last night and it actually worked which was a relief. Nice big sleep for me. This morning both my arms were so swollen but I think that is just a result of them being messed with and having drugs put in them. I am relying on Andrew to have chats with Igor and Ram and I might get a phone call tomorrow. I hope so. 

I crocheted the head of Simon the Sheep, then I was emailing Julie about a piece in The Sunday Mirror or Sunday People that's going to run this weekend. It's similar to the Grazia piece, but more around Valentine's Day instead of Christmas. 

This afternoon, we had the delivery of the mini oxygen cylinders, and Fiona and Phoebe came round! We had enormous fun watching a DVD of our Year 6 school play, being nostalgic about the good old days. Phoebe has taken the crochet bunny and tortoise because they basically went straight in her mouth. She had a little sad but then after some milk and a nap she was chirpy again. 

They had to go home for Pheobe's tea at five so during Pointless, I used my new oxygen cylinder to do some exercising. Just some squats, sit ups and light weights, but it's given me confidence that I will be able to do things again if I keep this up regularly. I will get there. 

The 6th & 7th; Another terrible night.

The 2nd & 3rd; I'm just on a run of dodgy days.

The 2nd & 3rd; I'm just on a run of dodgy days.