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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 23rd & 24th; The narrowing is probably back.

The 23rd & 24th; The narrowing is probably back.


The 23rd of January.  I was right - all I needed was a good sleep. I had a Zopiclone and by this morning, I felt better. Didn't do a vast amount this morning - Kate the nurse arrived soon after I got downstairs, so she flushed my line and I was finally able to have breakfast at about eleven. I watched This Morning, then after lunch, Mommy and I went to Waitrose to pick up wool I ordered from John Lewis to finish the bunny I'm doing, but it's the wrong colour!

We then went to Hobbycraft as it's not that far away, so Mommy could get this tape for the duvet cover, and I got some more stuffing. Had I known the John Lewis wool was the wrong colour, I would've looked for more there, but I didn't open the bag until we got home. I've had a go at ordering some more in a different shade from Wool Warehouse so fingers crossed! I would like to finish him. 

Since our return, I have made the body of an elephant during Mel and Sue and Pointless. More birthday cake tonight and Christine coming home!

The 24th of January. 

Today sucked rather exponentially. I woke up coughing, my face was much more dramatically swollen than yesterday, my arms are boggy and I had what I call a "pressure headache". This made me miserable all morning, so Mommy rang the hospital who wanted me to go in to be assessed. 

So I didn't go to see Ex-Machina with Daddy and Christine, instead I had to go and hang around on 622 which involved waiting a lot for few things to happen. A nurse filled in part of a form, then another filled in the rest. She was going to take some blood but couldn't get the blue clave off the end, so eventually the sister, Claire, had to come and try her super fingers to remove it. She was successful in the end, after she caught it unawares. 

After a long time, a doctor came to see me and he determined that I needed a scan, but because it was the weekend so nobody was there to do it, so I had an ultrasound instead. I went down for that just after six, and a very nice doctor looked at veins and decided that they're not blocked, but the narrowing is probably back. 

I got back to the ward about seven, then we sat around until nine, waiting for the doctor to say "yes you can go home". The man opposite me was not so lucky and had to stay in overnight for more platelets. Hadn't brought a bag. Rookie. He

The 25th & 26th; I don't want anyone to think this is my normal appearance at all.

The 21st & 22nd; It has been a good birthday.