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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 18th & 19th; By then I literally couldn't breathe.

The 18th of April. Writing this on Saturday morning as I wasn't really in a fit state to do it when I got home at quarter past one this morning.

This morning I had to be awake and dressed ready for Anne-Marie to be here for line-flushing at ten this morning, then after she'd left, there wasn't a massive amount of time to do anything before Danny came for training at one.

We started off with boxing combinations again, then I did squats while holding the exercise ball out in front of me, then kettlebell swings, bicep curls, shoulder presses, some rowing, and a set of squats straight into swings which was meant to also include a set of shoulder presses but by then I literally couldn't breathe.

When we were done and I'd stretched, I made myself some lunch and watched Harry Potter 1 while updating my blog. Then I got changed for Jamie's party (a choice I regretted - bare legs? I came home and got changed again) and we went over the road.

It was a good party! Lots of booze, lots of food. Had a fun time talking to the youths, then at midnight, when it was time to play Pig (a game which gets rather violent in the East household), I decided to just spectate. Once Greg had one, I thought it was time to come home to a hot cross bun and lots of water.

The 19th of April.

There is a cat on my lap and he smells rather bad. It's Oscar, but it's not very nice. I think it's his new flea treatment.

I had a good sleep (a bit of booze always helps), waking at half past nine and was pleased to find that I did not have a hangover. I had a muffin for breakfast and watched last night's Great British Menu and Masterchef with Mommy and Christine.

This afternoon, I watched Harry Potter 2 and did some arm exercises as they were hurting after yesterday, and Daddy and Christine went to see Locke. I also read today's Guardian, and for the rest of the time I have watched tv! Today has not been super-productive.

I am worrying about my mouth because I have a few ulcers under the right hand side of my tongue. I'm monitoring them and being very diligent with my mouthwashes and I am just hoping beyond all measure that I don't end up back on systemic steroids. I'm trying to hold them off until photopheresis on Thursday.

The 20th & 21st; I would really rather avoid being stabbed in the tongue.

The 16th & 17th; I have actually been outside and done things.